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Answer 1 of 6: I am about to buy 4 tickets - 2 adults and 2 kids - ages 15 and 9. For the Colosseum tickets, the only option it gives is 4 adults, i.e., it doesn't allow me to specify kids. I am fine with buying 4 adult tickets but will they let my kids in.. The ticket office closes one hour before the Colosseum itself closes, so be there ahead of time if you are visiting late in the day. The Colosseum also closes early on Easter Friday (about 2.00 PM), and closes in the morning of the Festa della Repubblica (2nd June). Additional Colosseum links: Colosseum history & images, Colosseum location map, Colosseum guided tours. How you'll get your.

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Call center . Buy your ticket by phone, simply and quickly Our operators are available at : Museum and Monuments of Roma and Lazio, Napoli and Campania, Foligno and Prato: from monday to friday from 9.00am tp 1.00pm and from 2.00pm to 5.00pm Re: Buying Colosseum tickets on ticketclic.it 7 years ago Someone else once mentioned that it was possible to visit the underground area and third level at specific times without a tour, but I've never seen it on an official site; however, the link I gave is for the Rome tourist office, which is usually reliable Answer 1 of 3: So I placed my order and paid with Visa card, I read somewhere in the process it said has a Print Ticket button, but even I made my payment I still couldn't find it. At the end of payment process it gave me a page about my Purchase Order..

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Colosseum.tickets è un sito web realizzato da un Tour Operator! Non è il sito ufficiale del Colosseo! Biglietti e Tour sono venduti attraverso il nostro sito Italy-Tickets.com. Scopri i nostri Tour Guidati. Se desiderate qualcosa di più che camminare e fare un paio di scatti con la fotocamera, vi consigliamo un piccolo tour di gruppo. Noi lo abbiamo fatto e ne è valsa la pena. Un esperto. Getting tickets to the Colosseum in Rome is easier than you can imagine. Continue reading to find a way that suits you! You have finally arrived in Rome, the Eternal City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you've had a great time till the moment you've laid foot there.The Colosseum from a distance looks mighty, and you can't wait to get in and explore it Answer 21 of 31: I just want to clarify, if I want to buy Colosseum tickets ahead of time through Omni Tickets, I do not have to pre select the exact time we want to go, just the day, correct? What if we want to do the Underground tour? Is that something we can add..

Full Experience ticket Full rate € 22.00; Reduced rate € 2.00 Admission to Colosseum with Arena, Roman Forum, Palatine, special SUPER Sites and Imperial Forums. Ticket valid for 2 days with 1 entrance to the Colosseum and 1 entrance to the Forums and Palatine area Sorry. That is the official site, but it's not rolling over to the proper options for the underground tour which is booked through Omniticket/ticketclic. It also seems to only be working for the. Our group was small--fewer than 20 people. The guide showed up right on time at the meeting point. We really enjoyed being able to go below the stage and explore that area and then to go up to the third tier and see the colosseum from that perspective. Well worth the money, in my opinion Answer 11 of 31: I just want to clarify, if I want to buy Colosseum tickets ahead of time through Omni Tickets, I do not have to pre select the exact time we want to go, just the day, correct? What if we want to do the Underground tour? Is that something we can add..

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Ticketclic is a third-party site, one not run by the Colosseum. So what I'd guess is that the tour tickets aren't actually sold out—just the amount of tickets that Ticketclic purchased to resell are. In that case, therefore, I'd definitely recommend calling Pierreci directly to reserve, as they'll be able to tell you for sure if ALL the slots are actually sold out or not See post #9 for Colosseum ticket info: The price for the Colosseum ticket, which is a combination ticket that also includes admission to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, is 12 Euro. For Vatican Museums, the basic entry ticket is 16 Euro Answer 1 of 12: Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I have searched on previous posts without success. The website ticketclic.it is - I understand from other posts - the official place to buy tickets for colosseum. The site allows me to print at home.. Admission for groups Also for groups the entrance to the Colosseum is exclusively from the Sperone Valadier and, during this first phase, groups of up to 20 people are allowed who, properly spaced, will be able to access the Colosseum every 15 minutes and will be accompanied along the entire route. Visitors, wearing a mask, must show up at the entrance 15 minutes before the booked time Colosseum.tickets est un site réalisé par un tour opérateur! Nous ne sommes pas le site officiel. Les billets et les visites sont vendus sur notre site principal Italy-Tickets.com. Découvrez nos Visites Guidées. Si vous voulez faire quelque chose de plus que simplement marcher et prendre quelques photos avec votre appareil photo, nous vous recommandons une visite en petit groupe. Nous l.

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Rome. Rome Tourism Rome Hotels Rome Bed and Breakfast Rome Holiday Rentals Rome Package Answer 1 of 3: I read a news item somewhere that you could now buy tickets online for the Colosseum. Does anyone know the best place to do this? My search of the net has led me to 'scalper' like places with huge service fees. Thank Answer 1 of 17: I'm undecided between paying for a standard tour of the Colosseum or paying extra for the 3rd tier and underground. Can anyone advise if it's the latter's worth visiting? I'm planning to go with Through Eternity tours.. You can also buy tickets online on Ticketclic.it and then you will only have to stand in line for the security check. Otherwise, the line for purchasing tickets at the Colosseum is long. If you prefer to buy a ticket in person, you can do so at Palatine Hill, which is just 200 m from the Colosseum. This area is much less crowded, and a ticket will apply to both Palatine Hill and the Colosseum.

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Last time we went to Italy, we booked tours with private drivers who arranged for our tickets (to the Colosseum and Vatican). This time around, when I contact the private tour operators, they are sending me links for me to pre-book our tickets. Has something changed? Or am I not contacting the ri.. Answer 1 of 8: Hello, My dad is taking my mum to Rome for 1 and a half days and then to Sorrento for 3 days, as a surprise, for her 50th birthday. He hasn't done much in the way of planning and that is what I'm tring to do now, as they have such a.. Each year 4 million people pay to visit the Colosseum and the Palatine. Rome authorities have said they expect 5 million visitors this year. Go to www.pierreci.it or www.ticketclic.it to buy. The Roman Colosseum (Latin: Amphitheatrum Flavium, Colosseum, Italian: Colosseo) is an essential symbol of the Eternal City. Located in the center of Rome, is a must see attraction for each tourist. Its construction started in the days of the reign of Emperor Vespasian in 72, and was completed in 80 AD by Titus. The amphitheatre is a characteristic four-storey, ecliptic building with a length. The Colosseum could hold, it is estimated, between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators, and was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classical mythology.. The building ceased to be used for entertainment in the early medieval era. It was later reused for such purposes as housing.

Answer 1 of 12: Hi all, I noticed that the Underground Tour is now available to book online at <www.ticketclic.it> for 21.50 EUR. I assume that this tour would include entry to the Colosseum and a guided tour of the hypogeum, but I want to clarify whether.. I see tickitaly has increased their prices from last year and are charging 37.50€ for the tour. With Pierreci it is 21.50€ Pierreci/ticketclic Hello, I booked my visit to the Vatican Museums, the Uffizi and dell'Accademia. According to you, is it necessary to book for the Colosseum on a Monday of September? I The Colosseum is now the most recognisable and impressive monument of ancient Rome - at least from the outside. The inside is, frankly, a disappointment. Until the late 19th century it was a.

Answer 1 of 22: Hi We are off to Rome on the 24th and wondered is it really necessary that we book a queue jump guided tour of the Colosseum? We've already booked the Vatican/ museums/ St peters queue jump guided tour with Dark Rome tours Hubby wants to.. Is this another tour than the one to the underground of the colosseum? On the ticketsite ticketclic.it you can order this tour for 17,50, but thats a little different from your 21,50. So, did they lower the price and the length of the guided tours, or is this just a different tour? Reply. Amanda says: November 12, 2010 at 10:48 am Hi Dennis, I don't see that on the link about their hypogeum. Answer 1 of 7: We are going to be in Rome in September (22 - 26). Was wondering if anyone could recommend a good tour that we could join to navigate the Vatican as well as the Colloseum. Thanks so much Could anyone tell me where can I buy combination ticket for colosseum, palatine hill and roman forum. is it sold in airport

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  1. Colosseum then choose a professional guide: Antiquatours, Rome Tour. MORE Info and Photos > 12:45-12:55 Arch of Constantine (Piazza del Colosseo, Rome) THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW The Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arch in Rome erected in A.D. 315 It is the latest of the existing triumphal arches in Rome and much of its decorations were looted from earlier emperors' monuments It commemorates.
  2. (If you're on your own, you can buy tickets to the Colosseum, the Forum, and the Palatine Hill in advance at ticketclic.it. Rest your legs during lunch at the nearby 2 Taverna Romana,.
  3. utes' walk away. 11pm Out of Roscioli, follow the narrow alley on the right to Via degli Specchi, where Ope

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  1. (If you're on your own, you can buy tickets to the Colosseum, the Forum, and the Palatine Hill in advance at ticketclic.it. Rest your legs during lunch at the nearby 2 Taverna Romana , where locals go for what is arguably Rome's best cacio e pepe, pasta with olive oil, pecorino cheese, and black pepper (Via della Madonna dei Monti 79; 39-06-474-5325; entrées from $12)
  2. Bonjour ,je sais qu 'il existe une roma pass ,mais je voudrais savoir combien coûte les visites ex.le pantheon , les églises en général., le forum romain ? est-ce qu 'on peut louer des audio guides pour le forum romain et le colisée ? au..
  3. The ticket for the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill (one ticket for all three sites) can be ordered online and printed at home at Ticketclic.it . The ticket is valid for two days. Please notice that, even with the printed tickets you do have to stand in the line for the Colosseum, since there is a security check first. This line goes quite fast and isn't nearly as long as the line.
  4. Hi, Can anyone help please. We are due to visit the Colosseum and have been asked to pre-purchase our entry tickets to avoid the queues. We are both EU citizens and my husband is over 65 and so is entitled to visit for free. Can anyone advise on how to get hiis free ticket please, as advance tick..

Colosseum. Iconic symbol of Imperial Rome Take a walk to Arch of Constantine - 5' 10:35-10:45. Arch of Constantine. Majestic monument Take a walk to Roman Forum - 5' 10:50-13:20. Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Center of the ancient world Lunch time Take a walk to Piazza Venezia. 15:30-15:50. Piazza Venezia. Focal point of modern Rome. 15:50-16:20. Vittorio Emanuele II Monument. Spectacular. Tour under Colosseum. This item appears on page 80 of the October 2010 issue. In Rome, after a $28-million renovation, part of the Colosseum's underground system of tunnels and galleries was opened to the public late this summer for the first time in decades. Small groups of visitors, accompanied by a guide, now can enter the underground complex through the Porta Libidinaria, the gate that. There are a lot of websites selling colliseum tickets. I cant tell which one is official and not just trying to get me to buy a package. Which one do you all suggest Site internet pour réserver Colisée et Palatin à Rome - forum Rome - Besoin d'infos sur Rome ? Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne

I will be visiting the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill. Walking around the beautiful city trying to search out the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. As well as also spending some time at the world's smallest recognised independent state, Vatican City. Where I plan on touring the Vatican Museums, seeing the iconic Sistine Chapel and stepping inside the monumental St. Peter. Your Rome in A Day tour will continue to the Colosseum, the world's most impressive ancient amphitheater and the proud symbol of Rome itself. As you step inside this imposing ancient structure allow your imagination to explore what the Colosseum was like in its full glory: more than 50,000 roaring spectators appearing like confetti as they filled the seats around the arena where gladiatorial.

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Booking Museum Tickets in Vatican Rome Italy. Book online the museums of Vatican and Rome and skip the line at the entrance The Colosseum' most iconic feature (and also most photographed) is the partially ruined monumental facade made up of 4 arcaded levels with the lower 3 levels consisting of 80 arches each. The travertine stone out of which the amphitheater was built gives it its earthy tones, but originally the Colosseum was clad in fine white marble and adorned with 160 larger than life statues placed inside. The Colosseum was just magnificent and the place was huge! There's no other way to explain it, you just have to see it in person to truly grasp the beauty, other people's pictures are not going to cut it. A dream came true: The Colloseum is made up of 3 concentric ovals: I was so excited! The Colloseum was just in front of me!! The Colloseum - I never imagined it to be so huge! And that's The. Roman Forum, literally meaning the Roman market, is also known under the name of Forum Magnum . The square is located between the Palatine Hill, the Capitol and the Quirinal, and is one of the must see attractions in Rome

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Yes you can get it in some archaeological site and museum (such as Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Archaeological Museum of Naples, Colosseum ) only if you hold a passport of the European Community or Canadian, for children 17 years old or more than 65, entry is free Colosseum & Imperial Forum; Maps of Rome; Saving Tips. Roma Pass; Buses and city railways tickets; Useful Info. Embassies and Consulates; Contacts ; Tag Archives: Rome Post navigation ← Older posts. Mar 28 2012. Russian avant-garde at Ara Pacis Museum. April 5 - September 9. The most remarkable achievements of Russian art in the XX century - Cubo-Futurism, with its unique synthesis of. Colosseum & Imperial Forum; Maps of Rome; Saving Tips. Roma Pass; Buses and city railways tickets; Useful Info. Embassies and Consulates ; Contacts; Post navigation ← The mysteries surrounding the tomb of St. Paul. Roman Carnival 2012 → Feb 6 2012. Il Guggenheim. L'avanguardia americana 1945-1980 @ Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Jackson Pollock curated by Lauren Hinkson 7 February - 6. My wife and I are going on our honeymoon at the end of September - 3 days in Rome, 4 in Florence, and an evening in Paris (Paris was not planned but became an option through an overnight flight. We should have 16 hours there). My question for those who have been, what things have you really.. The Colosseum is genuinely awe-inspiring and on a scale as grand as Old Trafford, Yankee Stadium or any of the other centrepieces of the modern sporting . world. You can book in advance to avoid.

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  1. An alternative is the Archaeologia Card, which for 23€ (or 25€ online at www.ticketclic.it) gives free admission to 9 sites for up to 7 days: the Colosseum, Palatine Museum and Roman Forum, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Palazzo Altemps, Crypta Balbi, Baths of Diocletian, Cecilia Metella, Villa dei Quintili, and Baths of Caracalla. Here transport is not included, so if you plan to do a lot of.
  2. I came, I saw, I conquered! What to do when you have literally less than 48 hours to visit one of the greatest city of the ancient world? Put on your best walking shoes, and be prepared to walk the entire day! And that was exactly what me and my Rome Buddy did! :) Fo
  3. Skip-the-line Ancient Rome tickets covering Colosseum-Palatine Hill-Roman Forum (www.ticketclic.it) Skip-the-line Vatican City tour (www.viator.com) The above were the websites that I referred to when making bookings. The outcome of the planning was a family-oriented itinerary - Europe with Kids in 15 days covering the attractions above
  4. Italy - Coloseum,Circus Maximus, The Forum..Oh My - Going to ROME for 3 days..We would like to see the following.. Coloseum (fee) Circus Maximus (free ?) The Forum (fee) Baths of Caracalla (Free ?) I'm trying to figure out if we can pay for all the sites on 1 ticket or do we need to pay individuals. Which ones are fre
  5. Go to www.ticketclic.it to buy and download your tickets which will also give you access to the Forum. The city centre is littered with ancient relics and you're never far from a column or indeed a bloke dressed as a gladiator offering to pose in your pictures for a not-sosmall fee. Our hotel, the appropriately named Forum Hotel is close to many of the grandest sites, with the Colosseum just a.
  6. Refreshed and full we headed to the Colosseum. We've been here several times but can't seem to stop visiting. Luckily today was a light traffic day and perfect weather. Tip: Purchase your Colosseum / Forum tickets online a

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It's a 2000-year-old temple, now a church. It is in its current form and dates to around AD 120. It was dedicated to the classical gods - hence the name Pantheon, a derivation of the Greek words pan (all) and theos (god) - but in AD 608 it was consecrated as a Christian church The $17 tickets must be collected at a Colosseum counter dedicated to Internet bookings, said Manuela Collelli of the Pierreci company, which operates the box office for the monument. Soon, the. Each year, 4 million people pay to visit the Colosseum and the Palatine. Rome authorities have said they forecast 5 million visitors in 2007. Bookings can be made at www.pierreci.it or www. 125 London Road, LE2 0QT LEICESTER, Leicestershire - East Midlands - England. How to ge

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Read over 2819 detailed Rome (Civitavecchia) cruise port reviews and find great tips to enjoy Rome (Civitavecchia) including shore excursions, local activities and must see attractions The Colosseum rises among the Palatine hill, the Celian hill and the Oppian hill. Its construction was begun by emperor Vespasian and was completed by his son Titus in 80 A.D. At first, in the amphitheater, gladiatorial shows, consisting in fights to the death between men and beasts, took place: it is there that, later on, the first Christians were cruelly killed by beasts. Afterwards the. Big Wonders, Small Wonders: A Paradigm Shift Jade F. King May 201 Next, head to 2 St-Paul-de-Vence, whose perch on a high escarpment and clear Mediterranean light inspired many legendary French artists.Bay can get clients into La Colombe d'Or before the lunch crowd arrives (others should book a table well in advance), for a private viewing of its collection of paintings by Picasso, Matisse, and Braque, all offered as gifts to the owner (33-4-93-32-80-02.

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